Concentralia Profesional


Multi-Surface Degreaser

Powerful Energetic Grease Remover

  • Supershine
  • Lime fragrance
  • Anti-grease power
  • Dissolving effect
  • Energetic cleaner
  • Alkaline



Just fill the bottle with tap water and the product is ready to use. The bottle can be refilled with tap water, on the AGUA/WATER side, up to 48 times, generating up to 15 litres of ready-to-use product = 20 750-ml bottles. Spray, spread and scrub with a cloth, brush or scrubber. Wait a few seconds, then rinse with water or a damp cloth.


Up to 20 times less environmental impact in the consumption of containers, tops, labels and sprayers and the transport of chemical products and water.

Ecofoam System® and the Environment

With Concentralia®, and thanks to the EcofoamSystem® instant-mixing method, up to 20 times less plastic is consumed. A single one of our packages is equivalent to 20 normal and standard packages. These savings in plastic imply reductions throughout the production process and chain of distribution and logistics.

EcofoamSystem® is the new technology of the future for professional cleaning based on a superconcentrate.

At Salló®, the waste and disposal of all types of plastic concerns us. Thanks to EcofoamSystem®, we are reducing the consumption of plastic bottles and acting in a more sustainable and eco-conscious way. Even more, all the surfactant chemical substances that make up Concentralia® formulas are biodegradable.

Concentralia® with EcofoamSystem® is the system of the future.