Chemical Specialties

Since 1925

Get to Know Salló

3 generations of knowledge

SALLÓ® is a company dedicated to the manufacture of chemical specialities in various fields. It is currently run by the 3rd generation of the Salló family whose activity in soap manufacturing dates back to 1925.

Currently we have 3,700m² of modern manufacturing facilities spread over three floors of solids, liquids and a warehouse. We manufacture more than 500 product references in the divisions of biocides for sectors such as food, environmental and clinical, hospital, detergency for collectives and industrial laundry, water treatment products, biological, cosmetics, construction, household products for home care, products with ECOLABEL certification, automotive and manufacturing for third parties. We also manufacture special products for the food industry: FOOD and its diverse sectors: Viticulture, dairy, breweries, refreshments, citrus fruits and food in general, etc.

Our objective, thanks to our team of human resources, is to provide our customers with quality chemical specialities that comply with all the regulations and current legislation in the chemical sector, providing solutions, services and competitive prices.