A better world


Responsibility and commitment

The environment has become one of the most socially responsible points for companies. Because if we do not take care of our planet, the consequences could be devastating. That is why it is essential to raise awareness and educate those around us of the importance of small gestures, those that although small, have a great impact. It is in our hands to apply and teach the following generations to recycle, to use less paper, to bring canvas bags to the supermarket, etc., because our example is without a doubt the best way to teach.

And if we move these good practices to the business sector, we find the policies of environmental social responsibility, which are their action manual to care for the planet.

At Salló® we work with a firm commitment to minimize this impact both from our industrial and economic activity as well as from our products. We develop environmentally friendly products to reduce the amount of materials that make up our containers and packaging. We do not generate waste water and we have a selective collection system for our packaging and container waste for their subsequent recycling.