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Special degreasing detergent for the cleaning of self-cleaning mixed steam convection ovens. Its high concentration formula in sequestering, complexing and dispersing, descales and cleans without scratching or tarnishing polished steel internal surfaces.
Directions for use: Use with automatic dispenser, or manually apply diluted to 50%.

097612 11kg container



Special tabs for degreasing and wash, furnaces of  self-cleaning convection. Super-concentrated tablets of high  performance, dissolved and eliminate easily any organic scale   by  scorched that it presents.

USE AND DOSAGE: it is important to follow the instructions. Ovenclean is placed in the area indicated by the oven manufacturer. In a few minutes the tab will be dissolved totally be,  acting this way the power degreaser. At the same time and the same place site is placed ovenbrite, brightener tab will be dissolving more slowly , coinciding your total dissolution with the last phase of rinse process. With  this process combined will get the best quality self-cleaning, polishing and drying for your oven of self-cleaning  convection.

517866 box with 56 tablets