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Bacmatic® 3en1

Oxidant CLOxidant CLAutomaticAutomaticExtremeExtreme

Cleans, sanitises, bleaches and brightens crockery and kitchen utensils. Srestores shine and, thanks to its bleach content, removes coffee stains from cups and crockery. Usable with all degrees of water hardness. Effectively deodorises and guarantees hygiene. Leaves no chemical residue as rinse is with hot water only.

DOSAGE: 2 to 5 g per litre of water, via single peristaltic dosing pump.

058476 box of 12 1kg bottles
058559 box of 4 5kg containers
058601 12kg container
058712 30kg container


Oxidant CLOxidant CLManualManual

Active chlorine powder.
Bleaching additive, disinfectant with high active chlorine content. Suitable for linen washing processes. Especially for controlled processes of bleaching and recuperation. High bleaching power at low temperature.

068865 box of 10 1 kg buckets
068890 10 kg bucket

Clorex 15

Oxidant CLOxidant CLAutomaticAutomatic

Chlorine additive liquid bleaching concentrate.
Bleaching additive, high concentration chlorine bleach. Specially stabilized product, liquid, alkaline oxidizer. Suitable for linen washing processes. High bleaching power at low temperature.

090559 box of 4 6kg containers
090761 240kg drum
090711 31kg container
090771 1,200kg IBC


Oxidant CLOxidant CL

Single-dose tablets of 9 grams, with a high content of active chlorine. Fast dissolving.

510865 box of 10 buckets of 100 9g tablets

Clorinetab Foam

Oxidant CLOxidant CL

Chlorine with detergent.
Single-dose tablets of 9 grams, with a high content of active chlorine. Fast dissolving.

511865 box of 10 buckets of 100 9g tablets

Concentralia® Mixclor Foam

ConcentrateConcentrateOxidant CLOxidant CL

Quick dissolving tablet with high concentration of chlorine and detergent.
Concentrate for diluting: 5 litres = 100 bottles

Directions for use: Insert a tablet into the 750ml bottle and fill with water. Wait for it to dissolve. Use this bottle to clean surfaces or pour from 100 to 200 ml in a mop bucket.

676865 box of 10 buckets of 100 9g tablets

Concentralia® Sanimix®

ConcentrateConcentrateOxidant CLOxidant CL

Detergent for cleaning and bleaching of chlorine-stable surfaces.
Concentrate for diluting: 5 litres = 166 bottles

683502 box of 6 2.4kg containers
683552 box of 4 6kg containers

To obtain the ready to use detergent: dilute Sanimix® to 4% with the Mixer MC0409 predilution system.

Or prepare a solution by adding 1 pump from the dispensing rod of the 750ml bottle, previously filled with water.

For cleaning surfaces, spray the prepared solution of the product, rub and rinse thoroughly.

To clean floors, fill the scrubber bucket with 0.15% diluted Sanimix® with the Mixer MC1609 predilution system, or use 100 to 200 ml of the prepared solution for 8 to 10 l buckets. Scrub and allow to dry.

Lavamatic® CL Plus

Oxidant CLOxidant CLAutomaticAutomaticExtremeExtremeOsmotizedOsmotized

For high quality washes.
Especially for tableware and glassware.
For all types of water, from osmotized water to very difficult waters.
Detergents for washing dishes, glassware, cutlery and utensils in professional machines. High concentration formulas in sequestrants, complexants and surfactants that descale, degrease and clean without scratching or leaving a film. They do not leave saline remains in the machine. They protect from lime scale.
Directions for use: Use with automatic dosing device.

708602 12kg container
708702 25kg container

2-4 g / L water

Miniblockmatic CL

Oxidant CLOxidant CLOxidant OXOxidant OXExtremeExtremeManualManualTabletTablet

Chlorinated tablets with whitening and recovery effect.
Slow dissolving concentrated detergent tablets for washing dishes, glassware and cutlery. They clean and degrease, leaving a high gloss without mist or scratches. They prevent calcareous incrustations in the machine, protecting the interior.
Directions for use: Insert the tablet into the bowl and let all the washes act until dissolved. Approximate duration of 50 washes.

509866 box of 56 60g tablets


Oxidant CLOxidant CL

Concentrated detergent to prepare a bleaching chlorine cleaner and degreaser for application on chlorine stable surfaces. Products formulated from Sodium Hypochlorite or Dichloroisocyanuric Acid.
Directions for use: Prepare a 20% solution and use as a chlorine cleaner.

216304 box of 15 1000ml bottles

Note: Do not mix with any other chemical. Do not apply pure on aluminum, fabrics or porous surfaces, or on materials sensitive to chlorine.

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