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Oxidant CLOxidant CLDilutedDilutedRinseRinse

Special super-concentrated bleach whitening additive which eliminates all kinds of stains and greasy residue found on fabrics washed using an ozonized wash system + Prozonitex®. Only suitable for whites or colours that withstand the application of active bleach. A highly concentrated product.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE AND DOSAGE: Never mix Prozoniclor with Pro-zonitex® in the same wash cycle. Prewash: For every kg of dry clothing use 2-3 g of Prozoniclor, allowing it to soak for 15 minutes, then proceed with the wash cycle using Prozonitex®. Wash: Use Prozoniclor before or after Prozoni-tex®, by previously emptying the water and putting on a short spin cycle. Dosage: 3-4 g of Prozoniclor per kg of dry clothes.


Oxidant CLOxidant CL

Chlorine detergent for cleaning and bleaching chlorine-stable surfaces. Viscous product for easy handling without dripping. Products formulated from Sodium Hypochlorite or Dichloroisocyanuric Acid.

241552 box of 4 5kg containers
241602 11kg container

Note: Do not mix with any other chemical. Do not apply pure on aluminum, fabrics or porous surfaces, or on materials sensitive to chlorine.

Whitetab 60

Oxidant CLOxidant CLManualManualTabletTablet

Bleaching, hygienising additive which restores white porcelain crockery. Gets back its original appearance. Compatible  with washing all kinds of crockery: glass, stainless steel, plastic, wood, slate. Does not damage prints nor engravings on the porcelain.

 USE AND DOSAGE: Introduce one tablet per day or for every full load inside the dishwasher and carry out the usual loads. WhiteTab is used as a complement to Sallosphere®.

648866 caja de 56 tabletas de 60g

Whitetab 9

Oxidant CLOxidant CLManualManualTabletTablet

Whitening, sanitizing and white porcelain tableware additive. Recovers the original look. Compatible with washing any type of tableware: glass, stainless steel, plastic, wood, slates. Does not damage prints or engravings on porcelain.
Directions for use: Introduce one tablet a day, or at each filling of the dishwasher and perform the usual washing. WhiteTab is used as a complement to Sallosphere®.

648865 box with 10 packs of 100 9g tablets
648866 box of 56 60g tablets

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