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Concentralia® Mixmover


Degreaser to eliminate all types of greasy residues and oils in kitchens, floors and all types of surfaces. Quickly disintegrates and scales.
Concentrate for diluting: 5 litres = 166 bottles

678502 box of 6 2.4kg containers
678552 box of 4 6kg containers

To obtain the ready to use detergent: dilute Mixmover to 4% with the Mixer MC0405 predilution system.

Or prepare a solution by adding 1 pump from the dispensing rod of the 750ml bottle, previously filled with water.

Apply 1 or 2 sprays of the product on the surface to be treated and rub with a scourer. Rinse and allow to dry.

Concentralia® with EcofoamSystem® Pro Multi-surface Degreasing Agent


Powerful, Heavy-duty Grease Remover PROCARE

Super shine
Lime fragrance

793391 BT 0,425 with ECOfoam system ® box 3 u.
793392 BT 0,425 with ECOfoam system ® box 6 u.
793393 BT 0,425 with ECOfoam system ® box 12 u.
793395 BT 0,425 with ECOfoam system ® box 1 u.
793394 Full Kit Concentralia ® with ECOfoam system ® Procare box of 6 u. (1 product of each)

Unscrew the ‘WATER’ cap and
fill with tap water.

Turn the sprayer tip to
the spray position.

Ensure the bottle is always filled
above the minimum indicated level.