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Inoxnet Brillo

ManualManualNo rinsingNo rinsingPurePureSprayedSprayed

Cleaner and polisher for matte stainless steel.
Directions for use: Spray, spread and scrub vigorously with a cloth until dry.

185217 box of 18 750ml bottles with sprayer



Cleaner for ceramic and induction hobs. Polishes metals, chrome and nickel.
Directions for use: Apply, allow to act, scrub and rinse.

186054 box of 24 500ml bottles


ManualManualNo rinsingNo rinsingPurePureSprayedSprayed

Dust collector for mops, cotton brushes and flat mops. Helps the sliding of the mop on terrazzo floors, stoneware, parquets and the like.
Directions for use: Spray a small amount of product on the mop and pass over the surface. Do not rinse.

213217 box of 18 750ml bottles with sprayer
213552 box of 4 5l containers


ManualManualNo rinsingNo rinsingPurePure

Polishing cleaner: stainless steel, chrome plated, nickel plated, Formica and wood furniture. Prevents accumulation of dust and dirt.
Directions for use:  Spray directly on the surface to be treated and spread with a dry cloth.

214231 box of 12 750ml bottles with sprayer
214552 box of 4 5g containers



Degreasing cleansing cream for the removal of grease and dirt. Ideal for hard surfaces, does not scratch. Abrasive properties.
Directions for use: Apply the cream directly on the surface, or on a damp sponge. Scrub and rinse thoroughly with water. Use in bathrooms and kitchens for incrusted dirt.

598326 box of 12 750ml bottles



Special liquid for cleaning carpets and all kinds of upholstery (sofas, vehicles, etc.). Easily removes all types of debris embedded in seats renewing fabrics and brightening colours.
Directions for use: Apply the diluted product to 10% in water, preferably with spray to get a dry foam, let it act for a few minutes, brush vigorously and vacuum. Can be used with injection extraction washing machine.

252231 box of 12 750ml bottles with sprayer
252552 box of 4 5g containers