Transparent quality

Aditex 200


Degreasing additive.
Degreasing additive for fabrics, specially formulated for oil, fat, blood and protein stains. Especially in cases where proteins gelify: cooking of meats, fishing industry, etc.

710701 25kg container
710760 200kg drum
710770 1000kg IBC

Aditex Forte


Very high efficiency alkaline additive.
High efficiency additive powder, very powerful degreasing and recuperating even in very hard waters. Recuperates the original white. Specifically for professional clothes and tablecloths in case of very difficult fabrics and stains. Compatible with chlorinated or oxygenated oxidants.

704900 20kg bucket

Black Tex


Liquid detergent for dark clothing.
Special detergent for washing all types of black and dark clothes: trousers, jumpers, dresses, Lycra, underwear, etc. Deep washing and cleaning while protecting the colour black and preventing colour transfer. Recuperates the original colour and preserves the fabrics better. It can be used by hand or machine.

067207 box of 18 750 ml bottles 067552 5 kg container



Enzymatic stain remover pretreatment for fabrics.
Special enzymatic product to apply by pre-treatment on any type of garment or fabric. Prepare the stains to facilitate the washing process.

544231 box of 12 750ml bottles with sprayer



Fabric recuperator.
Special additive powder for recovery baths of greyish or yellow fabrics. Descales fabrics recovering the white and the original feel of the garment.

234890 8kg bucket