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DilutedDilutedRotary machineRotary machine

Cleaners with controlled foam to apply by scrubbing machines.
Easy-drying cleaner and polisher to apply with rotary machine. Suitable for all types of floors, even the most delicate.
Dose: 0.5% to 2% depending on the dirt.

626552 box of 4 5kg containers
626651 20kg container



Authorized for environmental use: No. Reg.: 11-20/40-06034
Use in food industry: No. Reg.: 11-20/40-06034HA
Bactericidal-fungicide disinfectant cleaner for surfaces and equipment, in just one operation. It is non-toxic, does not oxidise metal surfaces, and does not attack aluminium or other materials sensitive to corrosive products and chlorine. Use in food industry, schools, dining halls, hotels, gyms, changing rooms, etc.
Directions for use: Apply diluted 5% to 10%, clean the surface and leave to act for 5 to 15 minutes. It must be ensured that the entire surface has been soaked during the time of operation. Rinse with plenty of water. Floors: apply 0.25% to 0.5%.
Composition: 6.5% Alkylbenzyldimethylammonium chloride.

173559 box of 4 5kg containers
173711 25kg container

Inoxnet Brillo

ManualManualNo rinsingNo rinsingPurePureSprayedSprayed

Cleaner and polisher for matte stainless steel.
Directions for use: Spray, spread and scrub vigorously with a cloth until dry.

185217 box of 18 750ml bottles with sprayer



Cleaner for ceramic and induction hobs. Polishes metals, chrome and nickel.
Directions for use: Apply, allow to act, scrub and rinse.

186054 box of 24 500ml bottles

Limpiador Bio


Green citric perfume.
Product for all types of surfaces: floors, tiles, sanitary ware and furniture. General purpose cleaners with fast drying bioalcohol. They allow cleaning all types of surfaces, leaving them very shiny without rinsing. Clean and deodorize without leaving marks or mists.
Directions for use: For surfaces, dilute from 20 to 100ml of product per litre of water depending on the dirt. For floors apply from 20 to 40ml per 10 litres of water.

202352 box of 15 1kg bottles
202552 box of 4 5kg containers

Limpiador Gres


Fresh lime citrus perfume.
Especially for the quick cleaning of stoneware and ceramics. Leaves surfaces shiny.
Soap cleaners with hygienizing action and deodorant. They leave surfaces degreased and shiny. Suitable for: tiles, floors, stoneware, marble, stainless steel, sinks and sanitary in general.
Directions for use: For surfaces, dilute from 20 to 100ml of product per litre of water depending on the dirt. Rinse if necessary. For floors apply from 20 to 40ml per 10 litres of water.

204352 box of 15 1kg bottles
204552 box of 4 5kg containers



Moisturising, cleansing and protective soaps for surfaces and wood and parquet furniture. Maximum natural shine and hydration thanks to its high concentration of linseed oil. Ideal also for furniture, tables, doors, partitions, plastics, melamines.
Directions for use: For surfaces, dilute from 20 to 100ml of product per litre of water depending on the dirtiness. For floors apply from 20 to 40ml per 10 litres of water.

205352 box of 15 1kg bottles
205552 box of 4 5kg containers


ManualManualNo rinsingNo rinsingPurePureSprayedSprayed

Dust collector for mops, cotton brushes and flat mops. Helps the sliding of the mop on terrazzo floors, stoneware, parquets and the like.
Directions for use: Spray a small amount of product on the mop and pass over the surface. Do not rinse.

213217 box of 18 750ml bottles with sprayer
213552 box of 4 5l containers


ManualManualNo rinsingNo rinsingPurePure

Polishing cleaner: stainless steel, chrome plated, nickel plated, Formica and wood furniture. Prevents accumulation of dust and dirt.
Directions for use:  Spray directly on the surface to be treated and spread with a dry cloth.

214231 box of 12 750ml bottles with sprayer
214552 box of 4 5g containers


Oxidant CLOxidant CL

Concentrated detergent to prepare a bleaching chlorine cleaner and degreaser for application on chlorine stable surfaces. Products formulated from Sodium Hypochlorite or Dichloroisocyanuric Acid.
Directions for use: Prepare a 20% solution and use as a chlorine cleaner.

216304 box of 15 1000ml bottles

Note: Do not mix with any other chemical. Do not apply pure on aluminum, fabrics or porous surfaces, or on materials sensitive to chlorine.

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